Student Feature Fridays

Brian Garry

This week’s Student Feature Friday is senior Brian Garry who is a humble leader and dedicated wrestler. During February vacation, Brian became Holliston’s first ever four time sectional champion, earning him the Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament (MVP). A week later, he became Holliston’s first ever two-time state champion with an 8-0 win over a wrestler from Taconic Regional. His win in the state finals gave him the school record for career wins at 152. He is back at Methuen this weekend competing in the New England Championship. When asked why he loves wrestling so much he stated, “you can see the hard work pay off. You get out what you put in.” He has been a captain since sophomore year and he likes being able to lead by example, to push himself and others to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

In addition to wrestling and playing football, Brian is also interested in helping others and leading by example outside of the athletic arena. His youth group, through St. Mary’s church went to Texas last year to help out a community in need. He and the group assisted by painting houses, cleaning and doing yard work. He described the experience as meaningful because you are able to see the effect you have on others and it feels good to help those in need. Brian is looking forward to the future and is interested in studying business next year. One of his teacher’s described him as “the definition of hard-working” and I have no doubt he will succeed in his future endeavours. 

Q: Your dedication to the sport of wrestling is impressive. What is it about the sport that you love so much?

A: I love wrestling first because it is available to all athletes regardless of height and size. It is unique in the fact that there’s a weight class for everyone and it allows the participants to get creative while finding their own wrestling style. I also love the sport because it is a very tough and grueling sport, where you are one on one and can only hold yourself accountable for your success or failure. This builds mental toughness that can be applied in all areas of life. In my own opinion, something about a one on one sport where it is you vs another human is like nothing else.

Q: What skills have you learned from wrestling and from the nutritional restrictions that have transferred to other aspects of your life?

A: Through wrestling I have been able to improve my productivity and time management skills because I have to micromanage numerous things at once (practice, school, and nutrition). The sport overall keeps me motivated to be better as a person. It also has made me more resilient in response to the amount of discipline that is required to achieve success in the sport.

Q: As a captain you have added responsibilities. Why does a leadership role appeal to you?

 A: A leadership role appeals to me because it allows me to motivate my teammates and bring the team closer together, to ensure that everyone is improving. That is the best part about being a leader, knowing that you are helping the people around you become better themselves. A leadership role also forces accountability, which is useful in anything you do.

Q: What advice do you have for others who have not yet found their interest or passion?

A: My advice in finding one’s passion is to give the things they try a real chance before they give up on them. When playing a sport or finding a hobby, it often takes a lot of time to truly master a task, but after effort is put in and progress is made is when a hobby becomes more fun and enjoyable. So, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be good or great at something right away. Do something you find fun, and stick with it long enough to learn whether you love it or hate it.