Student Feature Fridays

Matt Perera

This week’s Student Feature Friday is junior Matt Perera whose enthusiasm for life and general positivity is contagious. Matt is involved in so many activities, both at HHS and outside of school, yet he manages to achieve a healthy balance while still striving to improve in all aspects of his life. Since picking up the trumpet in 4th grade he has been an avid musician, making it into Districts each year since 8th grade. Last year he earned the top trumpet spot in the CDMMEA Central District Festival. In addition to his participation in Concert Band, Jazz Band, Claflin Hill Orchestra, T-Tones & Act II, he has petitioned to take on an independent study this year writing his own music for the trumpet. His goal is to write music that brings more energy and melody to the trumpet. In other words, he wants to write music that will “get stuck in people’s heads and they can sing or hum along to.”

Matt is always looking for ways to step outside of the box and pave the way for others. He is a captain of the frisbee team and Vice-President of the class of 2021. He works hard to make sure others feel included and sees that as a huge responsibility of a leader. Matt’s “why not” attitude allows him to try new activities, creatively approach problems, and progress towards becoming a well-rounded person.

Q: What is it about music, and playing the trumpet, that is so meaningful to you? In other words, why do you devote so much of your time to playing music? What drives you?

A: Honestly, playing the trumpet and music overall has given me opportunities to meet so many people I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and the better I’ve gotten at my instrument the more people I get to see. Whether it is the groups here at HHS, Claflin Hill, or All-State, I can make so many goofy memories with people who just enjoy playing their instruments and want to have a good time.

Q: During our conversation you spoke about the type of leader you strive to be and the importance of inclusion for everyone. How do you want others to view you as a leader and what strategies do you use to include others?

A: I want people to see me as the leader that just enjoys what he does and wants others to enjoy it as much as he does. I want to be someone who works hard to succeed, who encourages others to keep going with him, all while having an overall positive attitude. I really want to try and create the perfect balance of success and overall fun and good spirit.

Q: I would love to hear a little bit more about some of the ways you have pushed yourself to be as creative as possible in your classes and why you have taken that approach (i.e. video project, Stand By Me in garage band, writing your own music for the trumpet).

A: A lot of it comes from the idea that “If I have to do this, I better make it somewhat interesting, and how can I make it stand out?”. I could make a slide presentation, or I could write a partially goofy video script with my best friends. I finished our final project in How to Make Media Music a week early, so why not try and use my resources and recreate one of my favorite songs for fun. I started trying to write my own covers because I was too cheap to buy music online, and it allowed me to make the song how I wanted. I have to do the announcements in the morning so I better try and make it fun for myself and the listeners. I signed up for the sport and I’m here, so I should try and be the best player I can be. Overall, it’s more fun to make the most out of the situation than be bored doing it by the books.

Q: What advice do you have for students who have not yet found their passion/interests?

A: Just try as many things as possible! One of them has to work. Obviously it’s a lot easier said than done, but the payoff is always worth it. Of course I haven’t enjoyed every thing I’ve ever done, and I’m definitely not the most confident person, but I can always be happy knowing I gave it my all and I have a fun story to share in the future.