Student Feature Fridays

Melanie Galeaz

Melanie Galeaz

Senior Melanie Galeaz is involved in writing poetry, volunteering, and serving on School Council and the Beautiful Mind Campaign. In addition to her many pursuits, she completed Stress Management & Psychology last year and recently presented her project to the faculty during the October Faculty Meeting.


Q: Why were you interested in taking the Stress Management class?

A: Not only did I think the class would help my stress, but I thought if I learned more about stress I can help others deal with stress.

Q: What skills did you learn from that class that you think all students should know or be exposed to?

A: In stress management, I learned that stress can be a good aspect in our lives and it is all about perspective. In order to handle stress, we have to see it is a motivation for us to succeed and not something that holds us back.

Q: In your video you focus on the message of hope. How did you choose this as your overall theme?

A: Encouraging hope and optimism has always been something I strive to do. Video editing is a passion of mine, and being able to weave the two together was very appealing to me. I already knew the song in the video prior to the project and I always wanted to make an inspirational video with it. I chose “hope” with the goal of inspiring others to find the light in everything they do.

Q: What was it like presenting your video to the faculty at the start of the faculty meeting?

A: Presenting my video was nerve wracking but also a wonderful experience and opportunity to practice presentation skills. Everyone was very welcoming and encouraging during my presentation. I was ecstatic when the faculty enjoyed my video!

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